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I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves. Harriet Tubman

We pay tuition, we work hard in the classroom. Our parents sacrifice for us.. sometimes work two and three jobs, denying themselves the pleasures and necessities of life to get us through.We graduate..we move on and we represent..We work hard to teach and prpepare the next generation..We leave a stone in the great monument that is the FAMU legacy...

How dare you tarnish our image?

FAMU Students Weigh In on Today's Music

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Monday, October 12, 2009

What will your mother say?

What would your mother say if she knew that your college, your institution of higher education was promoting murder, drug dealing and chauvinism? How would she feel about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that are being spent on these artists?
Here are some of the lyrics of these artists:

Plies-"Goons Lurkin"
You Might Miss The Newspaper But You Gon Make The News
Victim Found Face Down Tonight Without His Shoes
Dem Choppas Went Off In Drive You Run But Couldn't Move
Sawed Him In Half That Chopper Broke Him Down In Two
Everything Them Hallow Points Hit It Knock Em Loose

"Murkin Season"
you caught slippin crackers goin find ur ass not breathing
100 wholes in ur ass with ur body leaking
nigga ridin with em drums nigga for a reason
cuz down here we in the middle of murking season!

"Dat Bitch"
Just hit me a lick finna blow a check
Got stacks on me goons on deck
Finna slide thru tha strip club and make a mess
Iono wont that hoe i want dat bitch

Ace Hood- Get Him
Hold up, where dey at
Khaled don't let me get em
Gun cocked, where his children
No talk, time to get em
Fake niggas gon make me kill em
Make his body shiver like hes naked in a river
Matter of fact umma leave him in da river

Young Cash- Pure Cocaine
pure cocaine, pure cocaine
all i ever served out in these streets is pure cocaine
crackers pull me over they aint got shit gotta let me dip,
purple haze is all i smoke but she couldn't make it on this trip
usaully keep a pistol too one in the chamber clip full,
not today on i-10 its nothing but me and redbull

Really brothers and sisters is this how we want to to be represented?

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NC A&T Bans Gucci Mane from Homecoming Concert

NC A&T Drops All Support for Gucci Mane Concert

By Roman Wolfe
Officials at North Carolina A&T have decided to remove the university’s name and association with an upcoming homecoming concert featuring controversial rapper Gucci Mane.

Students on campus protested Gucci Mane’s headlining slot during A&T’s upcoming homecoming concert, which also features performances by OJ Da Juiceman, Fabolous, Trey Songz and Keri Hilson.

Gucci Mane’s alleged gang ties and his violent lyrics are at the center of the dispute.

"The headliners booked for our student concert have generated dissonance among our student leaders and our constituents," Chancellor Martin said. "This dissonance has provoked internal discussion and policy reviews which are both necessary and welcomed and which will undoubtedly make us better as a university community.”

Because Gucci’s contract was already signed and over 6,000 tickets have been sold, he will be able to perform during the homecoming festivities, which takes place October 31.

But, after several meetings, A&T has officially withdrawn all support and any association with the concert, due to Gucci Mane’s appearance.

“We have agreed with the promoter to remove the name of North Carolina A&T State University from the event,” Chancellor Martin revealed. “While this does not absolve us of our connection to the event, it allows us, within our limited options, to take a moral stand while we simultaneously honor our legal obligations.”