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FAMU Students Weigh In on Today's Music

Florida A&M University Misson

To provide an enlightened and enriched academic, intellectual, moral, cultural, ethical, technological, and student centered environment conducive of the development of highly qualified individuals who are prepared and capable of serving as leaders and contributors in our ever-evolving society.

Monday, October 12, 2009

An Open Letter to the FAMU Family

Friday October 16th, 2009
To Mr. James Ammons
President, Florida A & M University
Dear Mr. President:

I am bringing to your attention a very serious matter. As a result of students speaking out on this issue safety has now become a concern and one person has been arrested. The following correspondence has been sent to the offices of Student Government, Student Life, Student Activities and Student Affairs.

To provide an enlightened and enriched academic, intellectual, moral, cultural, ethical, technological, and student centered environment conducive of the development of highly qualified individuals who are prepared and capable of serving as leaders and contributors in our ever-evolving society.

We, The Florida A&M student body, feel that the power of music is one of the most critical and overlooked aspects of human development and behavior. Throughout history the sounds, melodies, and words of artists have helped shaped public opinions and change lives. Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” and Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” are evidence of this phenomenon. Such a powerful tool cannot be underestimated. Florida A&M University’s mission from its very beginning has been to influence and empower youth through sound educational and social principles. A part of this mission, as expressed in the university mission statement, is the cultural development of its students. We feel there could be more attention, detail and care in this regard.

Recent homecoming concerts at Florida A&M University have included artists whose messages are not keeping with the university’s commitment to the positive cultural enrichment of its students. One artist booked for this years event has been banned from at least one other universities homecoming activities.

As students, faculty, and alumni, we want to express a desire to see more diversity in the selection of artists in homecoming week events. We have several suggestions as to how there can be a more diverse homecoming experience and are willing to assist in a large scale discussion as to how this can be done.

On Thursday, October 15, we hosted an open forum for the campus to air their grievances and voice their opinions. Dean Kirby, SGA VP Calvin Hayes, William Mackenzie, concert promoter were all invited but chose not to attend. The meeting took place and students were given the opportunity to speak on this issue. Several solutions were also discussed and were agreed upon by the group.

Among them were:

  • Issue a formal statement in regards to this issue
  • Provide an entertainment alternative for this years homecoming activities. A suitable artist is available and is interested in performing at the Student Cookout on Wednesday October 21st. President Gallop Franklin has suggested that we work to make this happen.
  • Form an advisory committee to include all sectors of the FAMU community: Various student organizations, Alumni and Faculty to insure that throughout the year the promoter is working towards an artist lineup that is more appropriate for the university’s image.
  • Allow a special poll to take place during student elections in the spring where students can help select the promoter and choose from a broad list of suggested artists for the concert.
We feel that these are reasonable suggestions that will foster Excellence with Caring. This campaign now involves over 500 people nationwide who believe that we can work together to insure that our beloved FAMU is always held in the highest esteem.

Respectfully submitted,
FAMU People’s Coalition

Ms. Carmen Cummings, Office of Alumni Affairs
Mr. Henry Kirby, VP of Student Life
Mr. Roland Gaines, Office of Student Affairs


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  2. I applaud your efforts and am in full support of your cause to bring a more diverse and overall positive lineup to FAMU for the Homecoming Concert. This topic has been a longstanding concern for many in the FAMU community (at least since Fall 2003) who dare to believe that their university (student officials and admin.) can and should put together an entertainment venue that does more than just cater to mainstream ethos of consumerism, misogyny and self destruction. It is time that the student leaders and administration realize that merely uttering the words diversity and inclusiveness are not enough to create such an atmosphere. Peace.
    FAMU Alum 2007

  3. I don't know why FAMU SGA or Student Activities allows this mess. Why we can't act like Erykah Badu, Common, Lupe Faisco, Chrisette Michelle, Keri Hilson, and other artist who bring a positive message. They have been feeding the community bs concerts and most FAMU students opt out of attend.

  4. I am proud of what you all are doing to save black culture and Hip Hop. If all the HBCUs united the problem would be solved overnight.

    TRUTH Minista Paul Scott
    Intelligence Over Ignorance Campaign

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NC A&T Bans Gucci Mane from Homecoming Concert

NC A&T Drops All Support for Gucci Mane Concert

By Roman Wolfe
Officials at North Carolina A&T have decided to remove the university’s name and association with an upcoming homecoming concert featuring controversial rapper Gucci Mane.

Students on campus protested Gucci Mane’s headlining slot during A&T’s upcoming homecoming concert, which also features performances by OJ Da Juiceman, Fabolous, Trey Songz and Keri Hilson.

Gucci Mane’s alleged gang ties and his violent lyrics are at the center of the dispute.

"The headliners booked for our student concert have generated dissonance among our student leaders and our constituents," Chancellor Martin said. "This dissonance has provoked internal discussion and policy reviews which are both necessary and welcomed and which will undoubtedly make us better as a university community.”

Because Gucci’s contract was already signed and over 6,000 tickets have been sold, he will be able to perform during the homecoming festivities, which takes place October 31.

But, after several meetings, A&T has officially withdrawn all support and any association with the concert, due to Gucci Mane’s appearance.

“We have agreed with the promoter to remove the name of North Carolina A&T State University from the event,” Chancellor Martin revealed. “While this does not absolve us of our connection to the event, it allows us, within our limited options, to take a moral stand while we simultaneously honor our legal obligations.”