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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Famuan - Concert budget released

The Famuan - Concert budget released

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    FamAlum95 Tue Nov 24 2009 14:59 OMG...Kirby is full of it! WOW!!!!
    Your name Mon Nov 23 2009 13:08 This article leaves us readers asking to many questions. Why did were the expenses so high and profits so low? What generated the profits and what was the negative publicity that Kirby mentioned?
    Your name Fri Nov 20 2009 13:48 First and foremost Gucci is not 60k, more like 35/40k. Secondly they didn't have to pay him at all. If that were the case they would have to pay a bunch of other artist. The line up changed almost every week. Furthermore there wasn't enough tickets sold to cover $200k, there was around 3000 in attendance. The truth needs to come out.
    young rattler alumni Fri Nov 20 2009 12:38 I'm confused. From what I understand the 2007 homecoming concert (sold out) and the University recouped around $32k and this was after all expenses were paid and the promoter received it's split. The headliners included much bigger artists including Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Musiq Soul Child. In addition, the concert organizers did not have the luxury of using the new FAMU gymnasium and incurred the expense of around $30k to pay for the civic center.
    I agree that this concert SHOULD NOT have cost $200k. The STUDENTS deserve better than this. Things simply do not add up. #dobetter

    Your name Fri Nov 20 2009 12:15 They still had to pay Gucci because they used his name to promote the show....he's good for about $60-70,000 right now.
    recentALUM Fri Nov 20 2009 12:13 -
    Ratia95 is so right. The question is were there any other sources of revenue than ticket sales. To make this article complete, that info HAS to be included. Either way, all this to-do for $2,800??? Dumb as rocks.

    ratla95 Fri Nov 20 2009 12:01 FAMU- this is the school known for it's School of Business & Industry, correct?
    Revenues = $66,870
    Expenses = $181,023

    Profit = Revenues - Expenses

    AnnaT Fri Nov 20 2009 08:36 Considering we used our own venue this year, this is a mess.... Please publish the detailed report.
    JASON Fri Nov 20 2009 02:07 KIrby need to go!
    Blake Fri Nov 20 2009 00:55 HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU MAKE BACK $200K WITH AN ATTENDANCE OF 3000 PEOPLE????? The tickets would have to have been well over $60 a piece. Dean Kirby needs to stop with the lies, the numbers do not add up.
    Concerned Alum Fri Nov 20 2009 00:50 This is the biggest Conspiracy of the decade. Its no way on God's Green Earth that a concert with PLIES as your headliner can cost anywhere close to $200k. The majority of your expenses comes in Artist fees; Plies 25k at most, Monica $16.5, and the rest of the artist arent worth mentioning. The venue is a little over $10k and the cost of production around the same. Advertisement shouldnt have been more than $10k, and security about $5k. When its all said and done this was a $65k concert. FAMU need to stop with this big cover up and fire somebody. The numbers do not add up. Any smart person can see that they don't. The Famuan should be ashamed of themselves for even putting such a lie in the paper.


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NC A&T Bans Gucci Mane from Homecoming Concert

NC A&T Drops All Support for Gucci Mane Concert

By Roman Wolfe
Officials at North Carolina A&T have decided to remove the university’s name and association with an upcoming homecoming concert featuring controversial rapper Gucci Mane.

Students on campus protested Gucci Mane’s headlining slot during A&T’s upcoming homecoming concert, which also features performances by OJ Da Juiceman, Fabolous, Trey Songz and Keri Hilson.

Gucci Mane’s alleged gang ties and his violent lyrics are at the center of the dispute.

"The headliners booked for our student concert have generated dissonance among our student leaders and our constituents," Chancellor Martin said. "This dissonance has provoked internal discussion and policy reviews which are both necessary and welcomed and which will undoubtedly make us better as a university community.”

Because Gucci’s contract was already signed and over 6,000 tickets have been sold, he will be able to perform during the homecoming festivities, which takes place October 31.

But, after several meetings, A&T has officially withdrawn all support and any association with the concert, due to Gucci Mane’s appearance.

“We have agreed with the promoter to remove the name of North Carolina A&T State University from the event,” Chancellor Martin revealed. “While this does not absolve us of our connection to the event, it allows us, within our limited options, to take a moral stand while we simultaneously honor our legal obligations.”